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"From support services to operational partnership, effective collaboration on the ITER Project is our focus.
As locally based B2B companies we can offer you our French nuclear environment know-how and our multi-skilled capabilities.
PAI members working daily with ITER are fully committed to the success of your project."

Pascal Weil - PAI President

Strong Local Presence

  • 18 companies representing over 25 000 employees in the region
  • More than 10 years experience on ITER
  • Knowledge of the local business environment

French Nuclear Environment Know-how

  • Safety and security regulations
  • Significant nuclear references over 50 years
  • Daily implementation of regulations and codes (RCCE, RCCM, RCCM-RX, ESPN, ASME, PED and H&S regulation...)

Multi Skilled Capabilities

  • Assembly and installation
  • Engineering
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Information systems
  • Inspection
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing

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