Genuine Engineering Solutions for nuclear inspection, maintenance, assembly and waste management, tailored to the French regulation and codes.

Major actor on the French nuclear market, Onet Technologies has provided continuous engineering support to the ITER project since 2007, with its fully-owned subsidiary Comex Nucléaire.

With more than 2700 collaborators, a team of 400+ engineers and €240M+ turnover, Onet Technologies is recognized as one of the leading providers of reactors services, nuclear decommissioning and waste management solutions in France and internationally.

Leveraging our long lasting expertise in complex engineering within the French nuclear regulatory framework (including ESPN), we are committed to contributing to the success of ITER, through genuine solutions in the key areas of in-service inspection, remote-handling maintenance, assembly and waste management.

Whether you are part of the ITER project or an international industrial partner, do not hesitate to contact us to explore new collaboration opportunities.

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+33 6 48 16 86 45