VINCI Energies Nuclear delivers expertise across the whole nuclear chain.

VINCI Energies Nuclear, delivers expertise across the whole nuclear chain through its dedicated brands ACTEMIUM (Electrical works, control systems and NDT), Cegelec (Mechanical) and TUNZINI (Nuclear Ventilation).

Main activities:

The strength of a multiple positioning:

Subsidiaries, Plants, Branches

More than 300 locations worldwide including 120 in France.


All EDF engineering and production centers, all CEA centers, ANDRA, ITER, Electrabel, AREVA, etc…

France, Belgium, Germany, UK, South Africa, Japan…


ISO 9001 v.2008, ISO 14001 v.2004, ISO 18001 v. 2007 / CEFRI E.


EDF, Electrabel-Tractebel, E-ON / CEA CAEAR D3 & D4 / COFREND/ Class 7 hazardous material transport / APSAD / Asbestos S/S3 & S/S4

Contact information :


+33 4 56 45 70 00